An Exhibition with Peter Lendvai and Fay Stevens

Exhibition runs:  13th - 25th February 2018,    Open:  12pm - 6pm  (Sun 1pm - 4pm)

Private View:  Monday 12th February  (6pm - 8pm)

Alchemy brings together Hungarian artist Peter Lendvai and UK artist Fay Stevens in a collaborative exhibition that engages with the elements and their alchemical qualities. Working with fire and glassmaking (Lendvai), wind and drawing (Stevens), the exhibition presents a materiality of elemental and alchemical interplay in a contrasting series of artworks that coalesce through their artistic qualities and nuances.

The collaboration between Peter Lendvai and Fay Stevens is the outcome of an initiative of artistic exchange between the twinned cites of Kaposvar in Hungary and Bath in the UK, with Fay in residence in Petorke and Senna during the summer of 2015 and Peter in Bath during the Autumn of 2016. Since then, both artists have exhibited work resulting from the residencies and have continued a dialogue of exchange of ideas based around their artistic work. This exhibition is the outcome of one of these exchanges, initiated around a discussion on the writing of Jorge Luis Borges’s and his short story ‘The Library of Babel’ and poem ‘The Alchemist’. The exhibition shows new work made in 2017 by Peter working in Hungary and Fay from an artist residency at Joya AiR: arte + ecologica in Spain.

The exhibition is made possible by its association with Bath and Kaposvar Twinning Association, Bath Artists’ Studios and Kaposvar Arts, and is funded by the National Cultural Fund of Hungary.