Atkinson - Bloomfield - Potter

Exhibition runs:  14th – 20th August 2017,    Open daily: 12pm - 6pm

Julia Atkinson


Julia Atkinson’s Screen Prints of optically interacting colours were made in the 1970s when she was exploring the same themes as Josef Albers and Bridget Riley. This work was first shown in her Retrospective at the Victoria Art Gallery in 2013 and here are more examples of the same.


Through the medium of print and collage I like to explore colour, texture and narrative, inspired by natural forms and landscape. These ideas are taken into the workshop and using sand paper, tile adhesive, wall paper and inks, I try and create lively visual conversations with my work.


Since completing my degree in Ceramics ten years ago, my work has consisted mostly of figurative ceramic vases. My most recent work, which is included in this exhibition was inspired by Aboriginal Art I saw in Australia on a trip I made there earlier this year.