ex: portability by Sarah Luther

Exhibition runs:  10th - 14th May 2017,    Open: 12pm - 6pm  (Sun 1pm - 5pm)

Private View:  Fri 12th May 2017  (6pm - 8pm)

Sarah Luther
Fine Art Residency
Advanced Studies in England student (Spring Semester 2017)
Elon University USA

The inspiration for this body of work came from a combination of the logistics of transporting it, and my wish to capture my time in Bath. I began by going to places of importance in my time here and doing series of blind contour drawings of each site. I then chose my favorite of each and produced many mono-print versions. All the pieces are made with ink on paper. Most of the pieces were folded before being printed, so as to capture marks in an interesting way.

The essential goal, which is aided by the folding, is to mimic maps. They fold like maps and some show my route to the given place sewn over top of the print. These maps are not for navigation purposes, but to provide some idea of my experiences in this city and country that I can easily pack up in my suitcase and take home in just a few short weeks.

I have particularly explored and taken inspiration from artists like Mark Bradford, Marcel Duchamp, and Guillermo Kuitca. Bradford and Kuitca’s use of mapping techniques and Duchamp’s exhibitions in boxes informed both parts of my production process

I hope that this body of work expresses not only my experiences here, but also those of my friends who have shaped my time here considerably. I will be packing up not only my work, but the record of my time here in Bath and taking home with me to America. I want this collection to demonstrate the beauty of Bath, and the chance involved in both printmaking and starting over in a new place.

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