The Irksome World of Mr PI

Exhibition runs:  1st - 7th May 2017,    Open: 12pm - 6pm  (Sun 1pm - 5pm)

Private View:  Sat 6th May 2017  (6pm - 8pm)

"The artist is the art and what he produces is a document of feeling and emotion"

Pedro approaches art with an open perspective. His work represents (re-presents) the irksome nature of space and the people within it - always with the viewer in mind.

This has been a challenge.

With practice and patience, he has been able to transpose feelings and emotions in a manner which acknowledges their complexity and yet is still comprehensible. This process involves letting go of a sense of self and the ego, of refraining from adding a version of his own ego.

During the manipulation of 3-dimensional space or the 2-dimensional surface of a painting he is mindful that the subject of each work has its own innate context and that this should be worked with and given respect. The result is a resonating dialogue, where meaning sits between the subject of the work, the artist’s creative response and the subsequent experience of the viewer.

"In a nutshell, I am interacting with the subject/s of the art work and conveying my perception and style to you - the viewer and voyeur."

Pedro Ramalho