Still Point  -  Painting, Kinetic Sculpture and Photography by Anna Kot and Ed Willis

Tuesday 27th September  -  Sunday 2nd October 2016,    Open daily:  11am - 6pm

Private View  -  Tuesday 27th September  (6pm - 8pm)
Anna Kot - Going with the Flow 1

This promises to be a stimulating exhibition bringing together the works of two local artists – Anna Kot and Ed Willis. Although working in different genres, both are using line and form to explore ideas of movement and equilibrium and the creative tension between the two.

The gentle turning of Ed’s pieces create a meditative sense which sharply contrasts with the bold and vibrant energy in Anna’s paintings where diagonals and definite angles provide an exciting opposition to the still point of balance essential for structure in the kinetic sculptures.

Ed Willis - Kinetic Study 11

Anna’s photographs bring in another dimension; containing no movement of their own, they are of abstract patterns that we pass (and often ignore) as we move through the world: still in themselves but changing as a result of our moving viewpoint.

Ed Willis - Kinetic Study 13
Anna Kot - Highlights