EIGHTHWONDER 2017  -  Law of Identity

Exhibition runs:  3rd - 13th August 2017,    Open: 12pm - 6pm  (Sun 1pm - 4pm)

Private View:  Tues 8th August 2017  (6pm - 8pm)
Nick Greenglass,  Gentle Polygon

This year, 44AD looks forward to collaborating with guest curator Nina Jesih, for our annual Summer Show: eighthwonder 2017.

This year’s exhibition theme is identity, with an exciting variety of paintings, print, photography, video and 3D artworks on display from regional and international artists.

The world is full of people, who channel their own identity into everyday life. Be it is as individual expressions of character; through spirituality, culture, intellect and materialism. As a group through nationality, religion and politics. Or perhaps via object and industry - directing the veneer of corporate branding.
However, what do we actually mean, when we classify something as identity? What does this broad concept of existing as someone or something in particular, mean?

Nina Jesih is a MA Curatorial Practice student at Bath Spa University. As an international curator she has selected artwork responses from across the world, representing what identity means to different individuals.

I am not one and simple, but complex and many. Virginia Woolf, The Waves

eighthwonder art prize 2017

44AD artspace will once again be awarding the eighthwonder art prize, chosen by the visiting public. Prizes will include a solo exhibition at 44AD and Freedom of the City (in art form)! One lucky artist will win an array of tickets & vouchers to Bath's finest arts venues & shops such as Komedia, Little Theatre Cinema and Minerva art supplies.

Private View: 08 August 2017 (6pm - 8pm)

With a cask of magnificent ale from The Bath Brew House, entertainment from Henry X and of course the fantastic art on display - remember to put the 8th of the 8th into your diaries and join us for 44AD’s Open Summer Show Party!

Throughout the duration of the exhibition expect various events, from a games night to a talk by Will Barton, a communication psychologist, exploring questions around identity.

Jessie Georges,  Histoire de Fou
Michal Lubinsk,  Death Does not Mean the End

Associated Events

Throughout the duration of the exhibition expect various events, from a games night to a talk by Will Barton, a communication psychologist, exploring questions around identity.

Identity: A Talk by Will Barton
Fri 4th August (5pm)

The first, most fundamental law of thought, according to the philosopher Aristotle is the law of identity:
"A thing is identical with itself".

Identity is about individual existence.

A thing is what it is, it cannot be a different thing and no two things can be exactly the same.
Identity seems like a paradoxical idea – to be identical to something is to be the same, but to have an identity is to be unique.
Human identity is constructed in many ways. Is my identity for you the same as my identity for myself? Is my identity always the same or does it change? If it changes, to what am I identical? Today we are concerned with Identity Politics and we worry about Identity Theft. We have Identity Cards and Identity Numbers, Gender Identities and User Identities.
The more we think about identity, the more we wonder just what it is. The more we think about our identity, the less we are sure who we are.
Will Barton, FRSA
Formerly Senior Lecturer in Communication, Coventry University School of Art and Design.
Admission free

HenryX Album Launch: Bring Rage Entering Xavier’s Itinerary Thank you!
Sat 12th August 7pm - 8pm

Spoken word set to beats, social commentary, chaos and experimental ideas.

What I have tried to do with this album is both to talk completely seriously in some tracks and experimental in others. Bring Rage Entering Xavier’s Itinerary Thank you! is so called because I wanted to express ‘my Brexit’ rather than the famous/infamous official Brexit. I have tried to avoid bias towards the subject, however I realise that Brexit has opened up a can of worms, perhaps why the majority of this album is so chaotic.
Anyhow, hope you enjoy this album!
Henry Xavier Woods
Admission free

Identity Games Afternoon
Sunday 13th August (1pm - 3pm)

Come and join us alongside some of the exhibition artists for a fun relaxed afternoon of games, all playing around with ideas of identity.
Stepping back from the seriousness of the topic, come and try your hand at Cluedo (searching for the identity of the killer) and amongst others, special artist editions of Memory and Guess Who?

Artist Talk
Sunday 13th August (3pm - 4pm)

All are welcome to participate in this talk with some of the exhibition artists, who will be discussing the ideas behind some of the artworks on display in the eighthwonder exhibition. This is also a final opportunity to see the show before it closes at 4pm and vote for your favourite artwork.
Admission free