Exhibition runs:  14th - 19th November 2017

The Wiltshire Print Creatives are...

Tonia Gunstone
Tonia has been attending the Wiltshire College printmaking course for just over two years, and has developed a particular interest in monoprint. Her work evolves organically, often instinctively, reflecting her response to the world around her. The environment, the cyclical nature of the seasons and our place within this inspires her printmaking. Careful observation and preliminary drawings give way to mark-making which is spontaneous and experimental, as she makes use of things she has to hand, and cut out shapes to create her monoprints. Recent work has focused on the elements of water and earth.

Caroline Morriss - Painter and Printmaker
Caroline Morriss studied Fine Art at the West of England College of Art, Bristol. She has exhibited her work throughout the South West, and been hung in the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition. She took up printmaking to add another dimension to her work and joined the Wiltshire Print Creatives Group. For her landscapes she uses the various textures of a collagraph or etching plate on a painted or monoprinted background.

Kerrie McNeil - Artist/printmaker
Kerrie’s art has a luminous quality with inspiration taken from ever changing landscapes and coastlines. Trained in interior design she has a passion for colour, light and reflections. She exhibits at galleries in Bath, Wiltshire and Somerset.

Martin Covington
Martin began printmaking in 2011. Having tried a range of methods he discovered that he had an aptitude for relief printing, especially linocutting. He found his ability to draw easily transformed into the mark making necessary for linocuts. Initially his work was entirely monochrome but recently he has been using colour and experimenting with monoprinting techniques to produce different textures. His work is small scale, in part because his workspace is very limited - and his printing press is diminutive!

Bella Bee
Bella’s work has been exhibited in various galleries including The Officers' Club, Bath; The Paintworks Bristol and MOMA Wales. Bella believes it is the job of an artist to open a dialogue with the viewer. She hopes her work describes some familiar form of the human condition and invites the start of an inner conversation with it.

Judy Brett
Judy is now in her second year at The Printmaking workshop and working alongside the Wiltshire Print Creatives. Her artwork started with local scenes of interest which she has developed using the Linocut process. Most of the images, printed off the Victorian Albion Press, are representational of the life around her in Bath where she lives.

Ian Bertram
Ian took his first photographs some 50 years ago while studying Town and Country Planning. After digitally restoring some faded slides, he began to make digitally manipulated prints and digital collage about 15 years ago. Then in 2008, after a chance visit to a print studio where he saw prints by Howard Hodgkin and Gillian Ayres in production he began working in traditional print making disciplines.
Landscape and the built environment still underpin most of his work. He favours monotype and collagraph, but also works in drypoint and often combines print disciplines in one image. Most of his work is produced in tiny editions or as monoprints.

Hayley Cove
Hayley’s work has always been experimental; she enjoys exploring the printing possibilities of many print disciplines. On the whole, Hayley produces unique prints and is interested in creating intuitive pieces via mark-making and colour. In her plate-making, she makes use of found objects and materials to create interesting forms and textures. One of her recent projects ‘Hold and Protect’ for the 50 Bees exhibition is an example of how the environment inspires her. Observing the Broken-Belted Bumblebee’s nesting habits, Hayley made a set of collagraph plates from the bee's nesting materials and habitat. Hayley invites the viewers to enjoy the dynamic journey she entails during the creation of her wondrous prints.

Flora Jayne Camacho
'The System & I' - The system in which greed and consumerism dictates unaffordable housing, with it controlling the youth's futures. The system that defines us; and divides us.
Within the space of a rectangular frame, I try to build a picture that is undeniably cruel. A system that is against us in our twenties. What fascinates me about any artistic medium is that it can pull the viewer out of a logical and common world, and place them within a space that is more alive. I hope that the viewer will forget that they are looking at a screen print and, instead, see reality that is not the ideology.

Alex Nash - Silkscreen Printer
Alex has been attending the workshop at Trowbridge College for 8 years. Over that time she has concentrated on exploring colour and composition using the silkscreen process. Her work has covered the landscapes of Cornwall and North Wales and the architecture of Portmeirion Umbria and Whitstable. Some of her work is purely abstract using bold flat colour.

Claire Camacho
"What lies between" the urban landscapes we mould our lives around?
The spaces that define - and divide - the way we interpret our surroundings is the core concept of this work. Units and linear structures, telling stories of our past and present, are combined with texture and colour. By using this and collaging technique, layers of printed textures are taken from our urban landscape, and are integrated with the negative space surrounding industrial and architectural forms. This process results in the creation of abstracted compositions.

Jane Temperley
Jane trained as a textile designer but became passionate about print making over 10 years ago. The inspiration for her work comes mainly from the landscape and wildlife of the Wiltshire countryside near her home. Jane uses a variety of printing methods to create her work.